Heavenly News: Brownies That Are Good For You

We spotted this brownie recipe, drooled a little, then had to share.

What’s added to these sweets that is good for you:

  • a lot of proteins in the almonds and walnuts.
  • raw cocoa has antioxidants

What’s left out,that’s also good for you, or some of you:

  • refined sugar
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • baking  ; )


Bottom Ingredients:
1 cup pitted medjool dates
1 cup mixed raw walnuts & almonds
1/4 cup raw cocoa

Top Ingredients:
2 ripe bananas
1/2 cup raw cocoa
4 tbsp raw almond butter
4 tbsp raw honey*


Mix together all bottom ingredients in a food processor until well blended.
Spread bottom ingredients in a large glass baking pan until evenly distributed
Mix together top ingredients in a food processor until well blended.
Spread top blend over bottom layer base until evenly distributed.
Place in freezer for 30 minutes.

*Raw honey is not pasteurized and can ferment over time. This can affect honey’s flavor. Raw honey can contain botulism and should not be given to infants under one year, according to some experts.

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Haley Daye is currently studying abroad and contributes to Healthiday as her schedule permits.