Prenatal Yoga Exercises For Natural Childbirth


Prenatal yoga is an exercise that is designed to promote optimal breathing, posture and emotional and/or spiritual relaxation. This approach is often sought by pregnant women who are preparing for a natural childbirth or who wish to stay physically and emotionally healthy during their pregnancy. One of the many benefits of prenatal yoga is the lack of physical exertion that is required, which makes it a safe practice for most mothers.


Proper breathing fosters relaxation which helps make the labor process an easier one. Relaxation is essential for both the mind and body; the absence or reduction of mental tension can translate to the rest of the body during labor and possibly help with cervical dilation. Training involves committing to focus and concentrating on inhaling and exhaling without tension throughout contractions. Liken it to empowering your breathing instead of empowering pain.

Yoga breathing during labor is really simple: the first breath is a deep inhale, with a strong exhale. Sah “ahhh”. Next, breathe in through your nose; counting to five can help. Exhale at the same pace. And smile slightly — it’s a good shape for your mouth to transfer breath, and it’s a mental reminder of your power and grace. Stay with it for every contraction, and remind yourself you are one less contraction from meeting your baby (ies).

The technique itself isn’t magical, it is the ability it gives you to concentrate. Begin practicing your breathing anytime, but definitely during your last trimester.


Prenatal yoga poses help your body prepare for childbirth by stretching the right muscles and helping you adjust to the changes your body is undergoing. They also help prepare the muscles supporting the pelvis to stretch to help accommodate the infant’s descent into the birth canal. The pelvic bones themselves are another matter.

Emotional and Spiritual

Yoga in itself is thought by many to be a spiritual practice that unites body, mind and spirit. When you are expecting, you can experience a spiritual connection to your baby. Practicing yoga can give you a strength and calmness you can impart to the little one who is embarking on the journey with you.

Finding Prenatal Classes

There are good resources online for mothers who cannot find classes to attend. There are also those who prefer to practice alone.

Prenatal Yoga Exercise Videos

But if you are searching for a prenatal yoga class or instructor, the best place to start is through your physician or caregiver. It’s easier if your significant other attends prenatal yoga classes for support and guidance. Having someone familiar will also make the classes more enjoyable and relaxing for the mom-to-be.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Anyone with questions regarding prenatal yoga must consult their physician for further information.

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