How to Get Fit in Only 17 Minutes a Day

There can be overwhelm, and there can be simple. Feeling bad because you haven’t gone to the gym, or kept up with a morning run? Or feeling even worse because there hasn’t been any run?

Give yourself a break; life gets hectic. But, if you could carve out less than 30 minutes, and be in better shape than you would without doing anything, wouldn’t you do it? Yes!

These are easy movements that you will have down pat, probably the first time around. You do six different exercises for 40 seconds followed by two minutes of jogging in place, and do it three times. Then you get to be proud of yourself.

Madonna herself said of exercise, it is one thing that allows her to feel like a success for the day, no matter what else happens.
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Haley Daye is currently studying abroad and contributes to Healthiday as her schedule permits.