How to Get Rid of a Muffin Top

muffin-topMuffin top fat is stubborn.  A lot of girls don’t seem to be annoyed by it, judging by the way some of them dress.

Guys call it a spare tire, for girls it’s a muffin top. Whatever the name, it seems to flourish on any body type; even slim people are affected.

Some people try to sell you on special diets, but there is no food that will melt fat in a specific area.

Which leads us to exercise. This exercise. Working with an exercise ball you are squeezing between your legs, evenly lift your arms and legs as you inhale.

Yes, it’s a bit hard. You are not used to using these muscles.

More great muffin top killer exercises here.

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Haley Daye is currently studying abroad and contributes to Healthiday as her schedule permits.