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Haley Daye is currently studying abroad and contributes to Healthiday as her schedule permits.


50 Simple Ways to Relax

By Haley / a couple of years ago

Fun ideas! Whether it’s a simple walk outside, stopping to pet an animal, dancing, singing, unplugging, drawing, eating in silence, or simply being in the moment — this delightful art by a┬ácollege student is worth sharing. When you relax, your blood pressure normalizes, you digest food better, you sleep, eat and breathe better. Your stress […]


How to Get a More Attractive Looking Back

By Haley / a couple of years ago

A strong, toned back will not only serve you well, it looks amazing. With so many fabulous styles that reveal your back, you need to keep it toned, right? A great way to make your back look better begins with light dumb bells. Even a three-pound weight will be effective. Start in a push up […]


Upset Stomach? Cure It With Aromatherapy

By Haley / a couple of years ago

If you are experiencing a little queasiness after a large meal, or downed too many chiles, there’s a natural way to settle your stomach. Please note, this is applied externally — don’t eat it! If you are having trouble reading the graphic, here are the ingredients: 2 ounces unscented white lotion 10 drops ginger (zingiber […]

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